Easter 2019

Wednesday Tenerae Service

Father Miguel Bernal lights the candles at St. Roch Church in preparation for the Tenebrae service.

Tenebrae service offers an emotional night of the Passion of Christ ... As each reading is completed, one candle is extinguished and lights are dimmed, until only the Christ candle remains. In this somber darkness, the beginning of Psalm 22 is read and the Christ candle is put out. People then leave the service silently symbolizing the abandonment and agony of the events that lead to the betrayal of Jesus.

 Holy Thursday

Commemoration of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.

Father Carl D. McIntosh, of St. Roch Church, washes the feet of twelve parishioners. His act mimicked Jesus Christ washing the 12 apostles’ feet just before the last supper. This act was to show to that Jesus is not beyond “serving”. The act expressed that if he, the king of the world, is willing to serve another than we should all be willing to serve one another.

Good Friday

Father Carl D. McIntosh and Father Miguel Bernal hold the crucifix for parishioners at St. Roch Church as they come one by one to kiss the cross, known as The veneration of the Holy Cross.

The cross, which was a tool of humiliation, torture and death, became the instrument of salvation. By his death on the cross and his resurrection, Jesus forged the path of salvation for all of us. Because of this, we venerate the wood of the cross on Good Friday. By kissing the cross, we not only honor Jesus’ self-sacrifice but we also commit ourselves to self-sacrifice.

Easter Vigil

Father Carl D. McIntosh lights the “Easter Fire” and Parishioners light their individual candles from the fire.


The Easter fire & Easter candle symbolize that Jesus is the Light of the World, who once and for all conquers the darkness. The Easter Vigil begins with the Easter fire, a great symbol of light conquering darkness. All who attend the Vigil light individual candles from the Easter fire symbolizing that we are to share the light of Christ with the whole world.

Easter Sunday

Father Carl D. McIntosh celebrates Easter Mass at St. Roch Church on Easter Sunday.

All of the candles burn representing that Jesus, the light of the world, has returned and is among us. The church is adorned with fresh flowers which are rich in symbolism. Easter Lilies often symbolize purity and innocence, Tulips are said to represent forgiveness, Irises symbolize the Passion of Christ, Baby's Breath symbolizes purity, and Daisies are said to symbolize hope.